Sunday, April 4, 2010

Store Closed and another Freebie

Okay so i was very upset when i received an email last week basically stating that Pretty Scrappy was shut down and everything deleted. If i listen to the rumors there were some issues that i was not aware of while i was there. As a designer i do find some of those allegations appalling! But since the store is gone there is no way to know if any of it was true. So here i am with a couple of Quick pages that i made and no direction to go so - - -free to you is my answer - -they were designed with that intention so i am going to proceed . This is the first one and it was from a kit by the PS Designers called Going Green - -hope ya like it. Here is the preview.

You can download the Qp Here

Hope ya enjoy it - -check back later for yet another one!!

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