Saturday, November 9, 2013

Summer Dreams CT Freebie

So much has changed in my world over the last year. My son and I moved out of an extremely stressful situation, and began a new improved life. There has been alot of counseling and adjustments. But bringing things back to a normal situation, I have realized how much I missed scrapbooking, and how much of a stress reliever it really can be. I recieved a request from Wilma Forever to join their CT team and decided this was my chance to get back into the swing of things.  The good news for all of you is that means freebies for you. Every kit I use I get to make a freebie - - a cluster or a quickpage. Sooooo here is the first kit I got to play with:

Summer Dreams by Patty B Scraps
This kit has a wonderful old timey feel and will work well with all sorts of scrapbook pages.
Here are two examples that I completed using this beautiful kit.

And Here is the Preview of the Freebie

You can download right Here
Looking forward to starting over - -hope you are looking forward to the freebies!!!

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